GALLERY of Patricia C. Coleman
Working with color, light and love nearly 40 years!

Botanical Dye jacket and skirt
A selection of images printed as archival Gicle's
Acrylic paintings on canvas, paper and fabric
Classes for individuals, groups, families, HART Rock ART's IN Vacation
I am a small batch blender of herbal teas, spices and jellies; including coffee, beer and wine.  Most are certified organic.
Art Dolls of all sorts, including healing dolls.
Red V Reflective Glide Fold" folded by Patricia C. Coleman
Morning Frolic ,India Ink
A lover of creative design, I explore fiber using a variety of resist and non'toxic dye techniques.
ndigo Dye Paper - Bluemington Dye Vat with Roland Rickets
"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." Maya Angelou

"Abstracted Lotus in Blue Lotus" ,  16" X 20", , Acrylic, Mixed Media, Copywrite, Patricia C. Coleman

Local Artist on Display article in the HT Newspaper

For Energy Wellness appointments send email request to
Ho'oponopono, Reiki and other Wellness Arts with Patricia C. Coleman RSMT, SH
Quilter's Comfort Tea and Other Products Logo

Quilter's Comfort Teas are blende by me and all are energetically enhanced. Teas available on the menu at the Runcible Spoon, Player's Pub, Ulzing and Wheat Ale Jelly at Upland on 11th Street. Jelly available at the Brown County Potter in Nashville, Indiana and Butler's Winery, College Ave, Bloomington, IN

This is a wool and wool blend patchwork quilt from repurposed wool. The orangish/brown patches are botanical dye elements achieved with fall dogwood leaves.

Local Food Bloomington, Indiana
"Cranes at Sunset", Patricia C. Coleman, Handpainted resist, machine quilted
Green Dove Peace Network  is a non-profit preace education resource based in Bloomington, IN with local and world links
"Abstract 454",  Acrylic,  Copywrite, Patricia C. Coleman


What do you get when a parabola is folded on a rectangle?  This form!  Patricia C. Coleman,

Patricia C. Coleman, Symetrical glide top -

Patricia C. Coleman, Symetrical  Glide Reverse,


Parobola painting on paper, acrylics, Patricia C. Coleman,


Abstracted V, fold  Patricia C. Coleman,



Triple Parabola Pin - Patricia C. Coleman,


The parobola painting above is being collapased,


Practice tessellation folds, Patricia C. Coleman,
Lotus Mermaid, open symetrical glide, Patricia C. Coleman,

Parobola painting collapased down to what I call the butterfly , Patricia C. Coleman,


V tessellation fold in process, Patricia C. Coleman,

Reverse of  the parobola above. Patricia C. Coleman,


V tessellation complete, sealed paper, Patricia C. Coleman,

Symetrical glide Abstract, acrylic, india ink, pencil, Patricia C. Coleman,



Quadruple Parabola, back light, Patricia C. Coleman,


Road Trip is a folded, cut painting on paper, Patricia C. Coleman,
Mini Picture Show, Acrylic on Watercolor paper, waterbomb tesselation,
Botanical Dye fabric symetrical glide, Patricia C. Coleman, Eating the Sun, cut paper, acrylic painting, Patricia C. Coleman,
Picnic, is a waterbomb fold painted with acrylic, Patricia C. Coleman,
Blowing in the Wind, botanical dye cotton, creased, pleated and stitched, Patricia C. Coleman, Bag of Boxes, prep for box workshop, Patricia C. Coleman,
Dream Bits, waterbomb fold, india ink, Patricia C. Coleman,

Many tessellation folds have known designers.

I am a curious student of paper folding techniques and the art of paper engineering. I am finding ways to combine my love of paint, inks, prints, botanical dye, fiber arts and paper with clothing and book arts.

Water bomb tesselation fold is designed by Eric Gjerde

Symmetrical Glide tesselation fold is designed by Paul Jackson
I appreciate and thank everyone who is sharing their love of creating with paper into the world.
Prep for Parabola Workshop, Patricia C. Coleman,
this symetrical glide abstract emerges from theframe, Patricia C. Coleman,

Folded  Leaf with lotus fold book, Patricia C. Coleman,

"Abstracted Light", 8" X 10", Acrylic,  Copywrite, Patricia C. Coleman "Handmade" by Patricia C. Coleman, Mixed media cotton quilt  


Thanks for taking the time to view my ART! I hope you enjoy these images. My artistic muse continues to enjoy a variety of mediums and tools! I live an artful life where Iam inspired to create through a different mediums; paint, botanical dyes, paper folding, book arts sewing, printmaking, and a smattering of other traditional arts, crafts and food. I also enjoy storytelling and writing poetry.




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