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Family Parabola Workshop
Arts Jam in Pub  Tetraflex
Arts Jam in Pub Lotus, serpent, star


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Scientific research is showing a link between creativity and better mental and physical health. No matter how old a person is the Wellness Arts Cafe is here to support that creative mind and encourage the wild imagination!
Are you an arts educator? Offer a class or workshop in the Wellness Arts Cafe!

2620 North Walnut Street, Suite 915 Bloomington, IN 47404

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Convient, spacious parking lot!

Classes meet as scheduled unless weather prohibits.
Visiting Bloomington, Patricia's Wellness Arts Café is serving up "Arts on Vacation"! Enjoy a few hours in creative arts play. Explore the arts with hands on workshops for you, your family or small group!
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Following are classes and workshops that may be offered by the Wellness Arts Cafe and Arts Visitors


Experience the healing power of self-discovery through relaxed creative play!

~Energy Healing - Vibrational Wellness Sessions to help you relax and release tension and stress. Get information about energy wellness services on website at Sessions and Attunements by appointment only with Rev. P.C. Coleman RSMT, SH. Click for Info

HEART ROCK PLAY ARTS are RELAXLING hands on, arts and crafts workshops. Oh what a way to enjoy time in your day, crafting with paper, fabric, paints, markers, scissors, glue and other materials! Limited to so six. A minimum of 3 participants are necessary for most classes unless scheduled as one on one. Register early.

Art classes taught by artist practitioners provide students with the opportunity to build skills and meet a diverse group of creative individuals. Class sizes are limited to ensure adequate attention.In the Wellness Arts Café students to hone existing skills, build a portfolio of paper folding and engineerubg techniques and create some design explorations.

Check our Cafe Page for scheduled events. Contact the Wellness Arts Cafe to schedule your private or group event!

~Register early to secure your space as most activities are for small groups!
~Classes meet as scheduled unless weather prohibits.

HEART ROCK PLAY ARTS Projects are available for family and friend arts to craft in the Wellness Arts Cafe! Contact the Cafe for information and registration.
Creative Crafting as you jouney to stay with life's down stream flow.

Enjoy a playful arts time for you and your best friends; maybe you want an artsy couples night our, or hosting a small creative shower. Select a project from our list and and lets get creative!

The Wellness Arts Cafe is theplace for your ARTS PARTY. You provide any the food, beverage, and guests! You enjoy creatively playing with your guest. At the end of our time together everyone takes their creations home.

We schedule programs for 2 hours or longer. Schedule early, to ensure your spot on the Wellness Arts Calendar!

Lots of Fun and Great Value for the Price! Remember, when you have a paid group reservation, you the "the Hostess" participates for free!

4 guests - $55 each guest plus you (you are free)
4 -6 guests - $50 each guest plus you (you are free)
4 -11 guests - $45 each guest plus you (you are free)

For larger groups contact us about availability.

Private Workshops - contact us about availability and group rates - 2 hour session minimum- $25.00 per hour

Our workshops are fun, engaging and creatively fulfilling. We want participants in our programs to have fun exploring their creative process, be relaxed, feel engaged, enjoy enhance awareness and appreciation for skills and ideas explored in the project.


Painting As a Healing Practice

~Healing Through Expressive Art - The Healing Power of Color

~Painting for Pleasure - Playing with Paint Studio Workshops- Playing With Paint - The Healing Power of Color
Recent medical research states that viewing or creating art can make you feel better. Discover how to promote health and well being using color therapy techniques combined with creativity exercises designed to stimulate the imagination, relieve stress, and encourage positive thinking. This presentation has been offered through The University of Kansas Hospital Cancer Center in conjunction with Cancer Action, Turning Point Center For Hope and Healing, and many other arts and health care organizations.
~Stroke By Stroke or Look and Look again
~Painting Exploration - learn a variety of applications for paint. We use acrylic paint in fiber art, book art and more!
~WABI SABI PAINTING - HART Rock's Wabi Sabi arts workshops are your opportunity for contemplative appreciation your ability to create beauty through artistic process. Listening with our heart, we come to see with it, too. Discerning the hidden dance between all things brings emotional maturity to our relationships as we shift our focus from what's wrong to what's right. This new, view deeply bonds us and is a key to everlasting love-and any harmonious relationship. It is a shift from doing to being. This ancient Japanese art form of Wabi Sabi honors all things old, weathered, worn and impermanent by allowing understanding time to feel for the beauty in imperfections. We appreciate loveliness in the unconventional and the modest. Wabi-sabi is a state of mind, a way of being. It's the subtle art of being at peace within yourself and outward to your surroundings.



Patricia C. Coleman, Symetrical glide top -

Folded  Leaf with lotus fold book, Patricia C. Coleman,




What Is Book Arts?
Book Art is an ancient craft and a modern art. Today many artists use basic book forms to craft unique book forms.
There is no limit to the shapes, sizes, and forms Artists' books come in. They They can be singular or multiples in an edition. Bookmaking across curiculuar presents a great opportunity to playfully engage students of all ages in shifting structures to meet their design.

Book Art is for everyone! Book arts can be healing! Story telling is a healing art in many cultures. Book Art can be a container for stories and dreams manifesting them through the creative process that further allows healing, bringing completion and closure in a tangible object.
~ Book Arts

This workshop includes making the following formats: single signature, double signature, accordion with a removable cover, pop-ups, Asian style, and a case.
This workshop inclues formats such as: tunnel book, star book, to & fro book, boxes, etc.
All workshops are scheduled by appointment only.

Dates should be confirmed with payment two weeks before workshops are held.

Simple book structures can form the basis for creative investigation and artistic expression

Flexagons Book Technique. Magic happens. The Flexagon books are among the one sheet wonders! Make a multi-page "flexing" book structure from one sheet of paper! Simply beautiful book structures can form the basis for creative investigation and artistic expression. Learn to make magical one sheet book structures. Relax. and discover your inner artist in a fun, casual environment and let your creative juice flow as earn to make a one sheet wonder, a magical artist book from one sheet of paper using techniques easily incorporate into multi-page books. No experience needed! Be willing to play with paper.6-8 pm, class limit of 6. Reserve your spot!

~Four Fantastic Flexagons
We will make four books that flex and fold up in magial ways and reveal secrets when opened. We will make the Tetraflexagon, Square flexagon, Cross Flexagon and round things out with the Circle Flexagon. Tools and materials with registration. . Saturday, 10am - 4pm

~Accordian and Flag Book - the versatile accordian can be a stand alone book or incorporated into other book forms. This structure allows you to view all the pages at once.

It is also the starting point for many different bindings, like the flag book or the star book just to name a view. We will make one to two sample books and end with the creation of a flag book. No experience necessary. We also discuss some of the tools and materials used by the book artist and bookmaking as a tool to support education.

~Beyond Words Explorations in Spoken Word Workshop
~Lotus Book
~Flutter Book
~Flexagon Book Making - Square, Tetraflex, Cross, Circle
~Lovely Parabola

~Single-Sheet Books Make exciting creations with a limited amount of materials. You will be introduced to the basics of making books, using single sheets of paper to experiment with creating several book structures, using various papers. We will also introduce you to simple printing techniques to use in the creation of an edition of single-sheet books to trade with other participants. This class is perfect for beginners and experienced binders who want to explore new techniques.This presentation is offered as a two day retreat.

Class Fee: $, Supply fee $


~ Quick and Little Books - learn to make a wonderful collection of including, a pamphlet, star, accordian and others. materials supplied. $39 (all materials provided).

  ~ Printmaking for the Fun of It - this previously was titled Kitchen Printmaking. You will explore a variety of non-toxic printmaking techniques including.
~ Pop-Ups
~ Rumi Poetry and Tea - an opportunity to contemplate Rumi, write and sip tea.

"Handmade" by Patricia C. Coleman, Mixed media cotton quilt






Family crafting a parabola




Dancer Doll - Resist, handpainted on cotton cloth- cards

Introduction to Fabric/Fiber Art Non-toxic Surface Design - Join us for explorations in Non-toxic Surface Design on paper and fabric
~Introduction to Hand Sewing
~Botanical Dye Workshops
~Book Binding Techniques
~PAPER AS ART - Oh the "Thinks" You Can do With Paper!
~Paper Arts 101
~basic folds for paper (fabric too)
~Meditative Folding
~Lovely Parabola
~Papermaking - recycle old paper into new.
~Resist Workshops
~Painting on Fabric
~Botanical Dye
~Heliographic Printing
~Printing and Stamping on Cloth and paper
~Skills Journals
~Weaving With Needle and Self-made Loom
~Stone Love Traditions - A Stone Love Amulet Workshop ~Rose Petal Beads - learn how to preserve those special roses as heirlooms for generations to come

~Arts Jam in the Players Pub - Enjoy a few happy hours making some art with wine or beer; stay after for dinner and great music!
~Mixed Media Surface Design for Fabric & Paper (3 hours),
Surface Design:$75 - Kit Fee: $10
. Students are experience hands on demonstration of different surface design techniques that can be used on paper or fabric. Paints, inks, and image transfers will be used along with layering techniques to create one of a kind material that can be used for any mixed-media project, fashion or home décor.
~Painting Exploration explores a variety of applications for acrylic paint.

~Papermaking - Join us this morning to learn how to recycle old paper into beautiful new paper. You will learn the process of making unique sheets of paper at home. This workshop can be reserved for Individuals, groups, children and adults. Paid registration holds your space. Limited to 4 students. All materials included. Cost - $39; Students and Seniors - $33.00.

~PAPER AS ART - Oh the "Thinks" You Can do With Paper! An Introduction to paper and arts use possibilities
~Rain Stick - You may have seen the beautiful rain sticks, and you may have experienced the beautiful sound they make. In this two part workshop you will create your own beautiful sound instrument. In our first meeting, we will create the body of your Rain Stick and in our second session decorate and finish it. Upon registration, you will receive a complete materials list. I will be providing the "body" for your rain stick.
~Resist and More, YES!" - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM - come play for a few hours and learn a few simple resist techniques that can be used to create a number of wonderful surface results. Email for registration form and other information. Register for two and take the "Buddy Discount" of $5.00 off the total. This workshop is available for groups. To schedule your group, email us for details. $40.00 plus - $9.00 materials fee for fabric and non-toxic pigments.

~Rattle Making - Make a gourd shakeree
~CRAFTING CALM - “Crafting as a Spiritual Practice”. This workshop seeks to bring intentional focus of personal spiritual practices into daily life through crafting as meditation toward the creation of sacred space. We will explore with paper, fiber and color to move into artistic possibilities as you fold, tear, cut and manipulate and mark your project surface. You will enjoy a variety of contempletive projects and playful journeys. You will learn to do some simply amazing and beautiful things with paper. You will acquire mobile skills, so that where ever you are, you can enjoy calm folds. Each session will take us deeper into personal process. Participants will use scissors and cutting tools. This workshop is suitable for any person with an interest in design and a desire to play with paper. $155.00 plus $22.00 materials fee. You will get instructions for assembling a small personal tool kit once you are registered. Limited to 6 participants. Six sessions or more.

Art Dolls of all sorts, including healing dolls.

Tree Spirit Emerging, Mised Media

~Art Dollmaking Workshops include basic art doll 101, focused explorations of Art Dolls, Healing Dolls, Prayer Dolls, Your Design, Mermaids , etc. through a variety of techniques and mediums.

~Intention and Healing Doll Workshop
Offered 1-5 PM
Make a visible prayer. This hands-on workshop explores the doll as a healing object in which to focus your loving intention. We will work with the heart stone, rose quartz. Come spend a relaxing introspective afternoon making a special gift for yourself or someone that you love.
Supplies to bring - fabric scissors, special fabric for costuming or accessories, beads, buttons, feathers, stones and any other embellishments you desire to attach to or insert within your doll.
Materials Fee: $7
Spirit Doll Class - 8 hours!). Tuition is $175 and includes everything you'll need for the class, plus snacks and beverages. Due to the nature of this class, attendance will be limited to 6. In this class, we will create a tangible representation of what we

~Paperclay Doll is an exciting new doll making class!
This Strawberry doll is an example of possibility for your mixed media doll incorporating paper clay, acrylic paints, fabric and other fibers, and an enjoyable bit of creative play. Expand your doll making skills and learn to play with paper clay. It makes great mask over needle sculpted faces!
For all levels of doll makers.
$29.00 - $39 plus a materials and tools fee.

  ~Fun with Paper Dolls and Jumping Jennie's
~Dollmaking - an introduction to hand sewing through the doll
  ~Wild Art Doll Day - Bring in your remnants of dolls and bits of things and see what doll you take home.
  ~Pocket Journaling or Journaling in Small Spaces offers simple techniques and ideas to assist you in creating beautiful and meaningful "journal" entries that are perfect for those with time or space constraints and still want to cultivate a meaningful practice. Even if you have time and space, you will enjoy making your own special pocket journal.

Patricia has been creating mask for many decades and has worked with hundreds to create their own live mask. Some create mask for the fun, some because they are contemplating the duality symbolized through the mask. You do not have to have any previous mask making skills.

~Journey through Mask Making for Fun with the intention of exploring this basic live masking process and finishing process in one session. What will I do and be? What face will I take home?

Will I choose to be more philosophical and look inside myself, and explore who I think I am in this moment after a brief meditation, or may be dreaming of being today. What two stories will this face tell about where I am, how I feel and imagine as possible. Or create a mask as an Animal Exploration (additional class dates and fees will be necessary).

Whether for fun, celebration, or introspection, you will be asked to listen to your thoughts and allow ideas and inner promptings to flow easily into being visions breathed and recognized through your mask. What ever the reason for the mask making, a guided meditation and journaling opportunity can be part of the session

~Masking Workshop an Introduction to Life Mask. Students will create a personal mask built from their own face.

~Rites of Passage
Death and rebirth are common themes in rites of passage. If you are going through an important transition in life, this mask making workshop will help the process take on a visual form. The mask symbolically represents an earlier identity ending and being replaced with a completely new identity.
With the help of journaling and guided meditation on your journey of transformation, your new identity will speak through the mask making process and adorning of the mask.
- One on One in a private session with an individual. She can make the mask or will assist the person making his/her own the mask.
Patricia's Wellness Arts Café

~Journey Through the Mask- Fun, Philosophical Animal/Natural World Masking- $ - plus $ Materials Fee:

~Council of All Beings 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM - "Mask Making" Workshop toward a Council of All Beings". In this playful workshop you will "explore" a chosen connection to the natural world (maybe to our Bioregion) and explore that connection through creating a mask and encouraged to gather information about your chosen "part of nature" that can be used to facilitate a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness and focused connection to that part or used as a part of a Council of All Beings Celebration. Together we will explore the concepts embodied in "Thinking Like a Mountain" and you will use your information to create a mask and sit in a healing circle as an offering to our earth home and all its inhabitants. You will come away with an expanded sense of place and relationship with our co-inhabitants and joy from the ritual connection and acknowledgement of our deep $25 plus $5.00 materials fee.






~Storytelling - Everyone loves a good story! Stories entertain, teach and inspire. This workshop gives participants the opportunity to hear great tales, and explore their own possibilities as a storyteller. Patricia has presented this workshop in places like Hill Top and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Invaluable for any who love story and very useful to parents and educators and it is a lot of fun!

~Storytime Tea - Reserve your spot at the table to enjoy delicious writers being read aloud in the Wellness Arts Gallery

~Storytelling and Maskmaking

Teas ~Create Your Own Tea (Party) - With consideration for your own taste and purpose, mix up your signature proprietary blend(s) of teas or seasonings. Name your blends and enjoy!
  ~Artsy Tea - Delicious Tea and Your choice of craft. Yum and Fun.
  ~Tea Tasting Parties

ENERGY Wellness Arts


MAKE A REIKI RELAXATION AND WELLNESS APPOINTMENT TODAY! 2620 North Walnut Street, Suite 915, Bloomington, IN
By Appointment - 812-369-5357
Abundant Parking, Easy Access

Wellness and Vibational Healing

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~Gratitude's and Affirmations -
CRAFTING CALM - “Crafting as a Spiritual Practice”. This workshop seeks to bring intentional focus of personal spiritual practices into daily life through crafting as meditation toward the creation of sacred space. We will explore with paper, fiber and color to move into artistic possibilities as you fold, tear, cut and manipulate and mark your project surface. You will enjoy a variety of contempletive projects and playful journeys. You will learn to do some simply amazing and beautiful things with paper. You will acquire mobile skills, so that where ever you are, you can enjoy calm folds. Each session will take us deeper into personal process. Participants will use scissors and cutting tools. This workshop is suitable for any person with an interest in design and a desire to play with paper. $155.00 plus $22.00 materials fee. You will get instructions for assembling a small personal tool kit once you are registered. Limited to 6 participants. Six sessions or more.
~Gratitude Book - Allow yourself a space for calm focus. Together, this small group will discuss gratitude in the present tense. This you will follow by writing your own affirmations. With clarity of your affirmation you will learn a few techniques for manipulating paper as you create your personal Gratitude Book of your words and illustrations. You just might go on to make many more of these little books for yourself, family and friends.
~Mask Making. Two part workshop - $ plus $ materials fee.
~ Monthly Guided Healing Meditaton - TBA - Join us each month for guided healing meditation. This meditation is free, yet $5 donation is appreciated to help support the space (as you are able).
~Reiki Intuitive Dance has been a while in developing and because I am often asked if I teach. Contact me to become part of this developing workshop in experimental EnergyDance
~Root Chakra Healing Journey - healing through contemplations, meditations, affirmations, Arts Explorations toward the release and transmutation of unwanted energies and healing our core selves. Experience the healing power of self-discovery through creative play!

Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe Classes and Workshops

Some Vibrational Wellness Services are available as Distance Services via. Contact to make your appointment!

*Reconnective Healing is a form of touch-free healing that tends to be a life-changing experience. It is is connecting you with what science has now identified and named "the God Gene". It reinforces your connection with natures natural energy gridlines; it enables spiritual and evolutionary advancement; it enhences and fuels the renewal functions of the body and it increases vibratory levels for healing and development. Patricia offers the life-changing work of Dr. Eric Pearl, bringing with it many decades of experience in healing arts with a loving compassionate heart. Sessions of Reconnective Healing bring in powerful new frequencies for the purpose of healing which clear the way for your Healing Reconnection.

* Reiki, a gentle, non-invasive Japanese healing energy practice that catalyzes the body's natural ability to heal. It is utilized for healing the mind, body and spirit, and enhances the quality of life. Reiki Supports mental clarity, relaxation, stress, anxiety and pain reduction. Research shows it to help in speeding healing and recovery from a variety of dis-eases and is complementary to and enhances the effects of conventional medical practices and wellness arts therapies. Reiki is for people, places and animals! Info online at

SITH, Self Identity through Ho'oponopono. As a Prayer Shaman, Patricia listens to you and crafts a Pule (Healing Prayer) to support the reconnection, forgiveness and transmutation of energetic patterns and their reflections within our lives. Ho'oponopono has been used by the United Nations and many organizations seeking tools to facilitate healing of personal, community and world issues.

Click Here for Other Classes, Workshops and Presentations as tools for developing beauty with ones daily life and to release stress and support healing, nurturing and wellness.

- Green Lifestyle Coaching - Patricia has been active in Green Lifestyle Coaching and Living for more than three decades and has involved sustainable living within an artistic framework as part of every day life. Patricia is available for sessions in person and via phone contact.

Call to make your appointment. 812-369-5357

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